11/785 on ebay (2018) - was Re: VAX 780 on eBay

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Jan 3 07:54:25 CST 2022

    > From: Grant Taylor

    > From that last picture, it looks like one of the plugs is five pronged,
    > and looks very similar to the 120/208V 30A 3? plug in one of the
    > pictures about the current 780 auction.

Not too surprising; the /780 and /785 are basically the same machine. (In
fact, one could convert a /780 to a /785 by pulling out the /780 CPU cards
and replacing them with a set of /785 cards; basically the same cards, with
the 74S chips replaced with 74AS.)


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