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Sun Jan 2 14:37:18 CST 2022

On 1/2/22 11:16 AM, Jonathan Chapman via cctalk wrote:
>> I'd really like 3ɸ at home for a number of different things.
> In North America? Good luck! Part of what got me to buy a smallish industrial building was needing three phase. It's usually cheaper/easier to either use a VFD if it's for motor equipment, or a rotary converter, than trying to get the power company to give you three phase. Even if it's literally on the pole behind your house, they want $LOL to make the connection.

Availability depends on your utility and location.   It's not uncommon
for a farm to have 3-phase service--it's needed for things like hay dryers.

For example, here's my rural electric co-op's rate sheet for 3-phase

By way of comparison, here's their single-phase general-service rate sheet:

The real sting is for 3-phase electric vehicle charging stations:

In my rural location, 3-phase 11KV buried is available at a disconnect
box at the street--single phase is buried along the driveway and
terminates at a transformer on a pad in my front yard.  Buried 240/120V
single-phase 200A service then goes to the house.


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