What is a BC01-R

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Jan 2 11:44:14 CST 2022

    > From: Chris Zach

    > a M857 board with a RS232 cable on it and BC01R-25 on it.

Anyone know what an M857 is? I guess it might be a DF11 async answer mode? I
found this:


but I think the number there is wrong; I'm not sure exactly which KL10 board
is an 'MBOX Control 3' - it might be the M9537.

    > From:Ethan Dicks

    > Sounds like it was a generic cable that probably worked with several
    > devices.

Yeah, the BC01-R was used with an M957/M970 header card (not sure what the
difference between them is) in the DF11:


Not sure where else.


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