What is a BC01-R

Nigel Johnson Ham g4ajq1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 10:35:16 CST 2022

The original serial interface in the PDP-11 (later 11/20) was four cards 
in a specially-wired backplane slot.  There was an M782(1?) interrupt 
controller, a data path module whose number I forget, and the interface. 
That card brought out the cable to the outside world. IOW they were 
combining existing modules to get the serial function, and adding the 
interface card to connect to the outside world.

The later DL11 of course did it all on one module which fitted into an 
SPC slot and had a 40-pin Berg connector on the side facing the Unibus 
slots for the cable take-off.

It's been along time since I took the factory training course on the 
PDP11/20, and I believe the ones I worked on in the lab at Maynard that 
already had a DL11 in them.



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On 2022-01-02 11:24, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
> Hm. Ok, so what was it for then? Any specific pdp11, or just the 
> serial plug for a weird Unibus sync modem cardset?
> I'm thinking of cutting it down and using it as a 20ma current loop 
> plug for one of my pdp8/L's. If anyone wants to trade it for a real 
> DEC 8/I or 8/L card or if this thing has some sort of value let me know.
> C
> On 1/1/2022 8:55 PM, Bill Degnan via cctalk wrote:
>> On Sat, Jan 1, 2022, 7:03 PM Nigel Johnson Ham via cctalk <
>> cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>>> Found here:
>>> http://www.pdp8online.com/bklatt/43.jpg
>> https://www.vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=249
>> Bill

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