VAX 780 on eBay

Chris Zach cz at
Sat Jan 1 14:49:56 CST 2022

> The TU77 has a 3ɸ power plug on it.  That probably explains why testing 
> it would be problematic in a residential settings.

A TU77 can run on household 240v. If I recall it used the 240 for the 
big blower motor and the rest of the stuff ran on 110.

> 1ɸ240V is vastly different than 3ɸ120/208V.

1 phase 240 is just 2 120 volts out of phase. Looking at the 780 it has 
3-5 power supplies in it, each one running on 120v. My guess is the main 
fan blower is 3 phase 208, and each of the power supplies is run off a 
208-common leg (giving 120v).

Big ole monster, but if you can put a 240v motor on the blower you 
should be able to rewire it to run on a couple of household 240 circuits.


(Ran a KS10, TU77, and 2 RM03's in a spare bedroom once. It has... 
upgraded wiring)

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