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Sat Jan 1 12:53:35 CST 2022

On 1/1/22 11:46 AM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:
> Having 240 in your house does not necessarily mean you have 240 outlets 
> anywhere and not everyone is capable of doing their own house wiring.

There may even be 240 V outlets but not available when / where needed. 
E.g. in use (stove, dryer, water heater) or too far away to be able to 
plug the VAX in for testing.  Then there's also the chance that the 
plugs don't match.

I do 120 V wiring semi-regular.  I've done 240 V wiring before.  I'm 
sure that I'll do it again.  But I'm always afraid that failure mode on 
the 240 V is going to fail spectacularly.  My only saving grace is that 
the breaker will almost certainly trip in short order to mitigate my 
failure.  Thankfully no breaker trips thusfar.

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