VAX 780 on eBay

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Jan 1 12:12:51 CST 2022


The starting price is expensive, but probably not utterly unreasonable,
given that:

- the 780 was the first VAX, and thus historically important

- 780's are incredibly rare; this is the first one I recall seeing for sale
  in the classic computer era (versus several -11/70's, /40s, etc)

- this one appears to be reasonably complete; no idea if all the key CPU
  boards are included, but it's things like the backplane, etc (all of which
  seem to be there) which would be completely impossible to find now - if any
  boards _are_ missing, there's at least the _hope_ that they can be located
  (780 boards seem to come by every so often on eBait), since people seem to
  keep boards, not realizing that without the other bits they are useless

Anyway I fully expect it to go (because of those, especially i and ii) for a
_lot_ more than the opening price.

I've sent the seller info on the complete 780 board set, and a suggestion
that it's in their own best interest (maximize bidding) to check to see if
it's complete.


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