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Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Tue Nov 30 20:39:48 CST 2021

On 11/30/2021 6:31 PM, Paul Koning wrote:
>> On Nov 30, 2021, at 7:17 PM, Jay Jaeger via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>> ...
>> The issue is (I think) that the ExpressPCB software can only be used to create files to order boards from them - or can it now export ordinary gerbers?  (Otherwise, to go with another fab. I presumably would re-enter the schematic, and re-route it - granted not all *that* hard, but still a day's work.
> You're right, they say so in the FAQ.  And it is the reason I don't use them.
> At one point I used PCB Pool (Beta layout) because they could take Eagle files directly.  But sending boards across the ocean isn't so economical.  And Eagle became less and less attractive over time.
> My current answer is KiCAD which is open source and somewhat more powerful than Eagle (without the hassles).  Both do Gerbers, but there are also fabs that take the CAD files directly.  OSHPark is the one I've used for my most recent 3 projects, they do nice work.  The color is odd, but what the heck, it still works.
> 	paul

I have used KiCAD for several projects.  I like it, though the 
developers don't always seem to allow for the pain the cause when they 
make version changes that requires a lot of footprint re-hunting.  ;)


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