The precarious state of classic software and hardware preservation

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Fri Nov 26 08:20:13 CST 2021

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> On 11/20/21 5:55 PM, Bill Degnan via cctalk wrote:
> > That's why I am saying you literally need a family archivist who
> > periodically converts content on old media to new media for.old family
> > photos.  That is the only practical way to preserve things or than if the
> > original paper/photo/tape exists and is still readable.  Extending to
> > vintage computing, there will always have to be a community of
> archivists.
> You need one family archivist _every second generation_, at least, if
> you want to cover more that 50 or so year of family history/pictures.

To be clear to my original point, I believe there needs to be a family
archivist to knows how to manage and transfer whatever it is that they
store images of family events in every generation.  Someone who passes the
ball at each generation to the next.   Who knows, it might become popular
to print photos again after the great solar event of 2045 (for example)


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