Jim Warren has passed away

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Thu Nov 25 20:56:02 CST 2021

Wasn't it Jim that had the house overlooking the Pacific ocean that was off Skyline Blvd?

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On 11/25/21 12:11 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> When he founded DDJ ("dr. dobb's journal Of Tiny BASIC Calisthenics And
> Orthodontia : Running Light Without Overbyte"), they considered it to be
> a reference, not a newspaper, and kept reprints of the old issues
> available in bound form.
Still have my Vol 1, No. 1 of DDJ.

I suspect that many of the kids revisiting vintage computers are unaware
of his contributions.

I find it increasingly difficult to remember many of the early 1970s faces.


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