Jim Warren has passed away

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Nov 25 14:11:16 CST 2021

When he founded DDJ ("dr. dobb's journal Of Tiny BASIC Calisthenics 
And Orthodontia : Running Light Without Overbyte"), they considered it to 
be a reference, not a newspaper, and kept reprints of the old issues 
available in bound form.

But, after Jim was gone, the title became merely "Dr. Dobb's Journal" with 
subtitles that ranged from "Tools for professional programmers", "World Of 
Software Development", etc.   I think that it ended with "management 
Information Systems"?    Much as "Tinker-Toys" became "Morrow Designs", 
"Kentucky Fried Computers" became "NorthStar", and "Intergalactic Digital 
Research" became "Digital Research, Inc."

Jim used to roll around WCCF (1977 - 1983) on roller skates, which put his 
head above the top of the crowd, and let him keep an eye on everything 
going on. His assistant in those days was Nels Anderson.  I'm not sure 
that Jim needed the skates to be head and shoulders above most.

After WCCF had deteriorated badly under the new owners, he was the guest 
of honor at S.O.G. ("Semi Official Gathering" put on in Bend Oregon, by 
Dave Thompson of MicroCornucopia magazine).  We presented him with a pair 
of skates, and told him that it was time for him to put them back on, that 
the world of computers needed him.  I don't know who provided them; I was 
the one who had suggested it to Dave Thompson.

I was tied for #1 for booth selection, even though I never had a booth 
larger than 10x10 and hadn't exhibited at the first three Faires (SF, San 
Jose, Los Angeles), when the suits discontinued the booth selection 
priority list.

I think that it was Jim's "Journal Of Intelligent Machines", that 
eventually decomposed into "Infoworld", or maybe "Silicon Gulch Gaqzette", 
that had the subtitle of "machines who think", instead of the canonical 
"machines that think".  But, it might have been one of his other 
periodicals; can anybody pin that down?

GOOGLE'ing people we knew tends to be very sad.

Grumpy Ol' Fred     		cisin at xenosoft.com

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