The precarious state of classic software and hardware preservation

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Wed Nov 24 08:10:50 CST 2021

tis 2021-11-23 klockan 18:06 -0800 skrev s shumaker via cctalk:
> In fact, it's standard language in most DOD contracts that ALL
> materials 
> related to a contract must be destroyed at contract closure unless
> the 
> contractor receives specific permission from the gov't  to retain it
> - 
> usually for some specific reason such as a projected follow-on 
> contract.  When major contracts close, there is often a great
> cleaning 
> out of file cabinet and storage areas, done as quickly as possible 
> because it's all on company time rather than paid by uncle.
> Steve

Hmmm, good for the company employees/managers and the DoE.

If not, FBI could have had better material from the examinations of
Rocky Flats 'cleanup operations' .... 

who said it was ok burning plutonium infested material ?

And other misbehaviours : ie tri plumes in different parts of the US.

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