K12MIT on PDP-12

Christian Corti cc at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Nov 24 03:47:45 CST 2021

So, with the help of you here, I was able to create OS/8 LINCtapes and to 
run SerialDisk. Everything runs very fine.

Now comes the next thing: I want to have K12MIT, and it is no problem to 
compile or load the program.
*But*: When I start K12MIT I don't get the prompt. I see the welcome 
message, and it correctly identifies the machine as a PDP-12, but that's 
it. As I've found out it apparently overwrites its code, the processor is 
looping around address 3600-3620. Examining the memory reveals that the 
code at 3600 has been overwritten with junk. So it's clear that it won't 
run anymore. What happens? Was anyone else able to run K12MIT on a PDP-12?

BTW the same binary runs fine on a PDP-8, be it a real machine or SIMH.


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