jim stephens jwsmail at
Sat Nov 20 14:01:30 CST 2021

On 11/20/2021 11:11 AM, Jonathan Katz via cctalk wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> Has anyone been able to use a SCSI2SD setup where HVD is required? I
> know by default that isn't supported, but given we can get custom kits
> to solder, we could just change out one of the controller chips
> (optimistically?)
> Cheers!
I'd think you could get one of the DEC or Pacific data converters to 
handle that.  They work well converting to SE anyway.  Are the SCSI2SD 
proper SE or LVD only?  Some SCSI don't do the SE voltage version 
properly, just the LVD.

DEC sold Pacific data converters with a DEC logo on them.


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