What happened to control-data.info and controlfreaks.org?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Nov 19 10:11:44 CST 2021

On 11/19/21 5:25 AM, Richard Cornwell via cctalk wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
>     As the one who discovered Scope 3.0+ source I still have images.
>     Note this is a build from source not a original image.

SCOPE 3.0+ covers an enormous range of distributions.   SCOPE 3.1.6 (my
goto source for several years) is miles apart from SCOPE 3.4 (later
rechristened NOS/BE).  Even SCOPE 3.3 is significantly different from
SCOPE 3.2.

Pinning down what you actually have would be beneficial to the curious.

Did anyone ever archive Purdue MACE?  That was an interesting
predecessor to KRONOS.

(and I won't even discuss the "custom" OSes spun by the Special Systems
Division from the SCOPE base.   TCM/RA1 for example.)


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