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Fri Nov 19 10:00:23 CST 2021

On 11/19/2021 7:30 AM, jwest--- via cctalk wrote:
> I still have a few hp2000 systems running. I haven't seen the fortran one yet but would be surprised if it wasn't on one of my HIB tapes. But I do remember having this on the HP2K systems I used in high school. There was also a free contributed library COBOL runtime that was the same deal (implemented in BASIC), and there was one in the CSL that also ran HP 2100 assembler. That last one I'd love to find just to pour through the listings 😃

Ah the COBOL one would be cool too. Would like to get these where I 
could at least run then in my SIMH setup sometime. I remembered running 
FORTRAN programs back in high school but nothing much else about it. 
Glad I at least found a copy of the manual now.

> Ed# I thought the only thing preventing you from getting one of your systems up was memory, which I offered to fix. You need a tape drive too? I may have a spare 7970B that needs work but I really need to get down there and do an inventory....

I keep hoping that one day you'll decide you need space and I'll be able 
to acquire one of your systems and then be able to enjoy my early days 
on real hardware again. :D

For now SIMH fills a lot of that though need to figure out how to decode 
this box of old paper tapes from high school.

David Williams

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