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David   Yes,  our   hp 2000  had  it  that  we  ct  at Computer  Exchange in phx.
 a  FORTRAN  that  was written in Basic  indeed!  it  was  an add on  not  something that  came  with the hp timeshare  system   you had  to procure  from  OMSI. I have  some old  store  tapes  that  should  have  the OMSI  FORTRAN in a000 where  we kept  it. but  no  way  currently  to  get it  off   a  we  do not  have  a  tape  drive on a  2000 system.... there is  fake 200  that  runs  on the  pc  as  an emulator but     heh!  no  tape  drive  and  due  to   old  company  files and  sp,e of ,my personal  files    i would NOT  loan  the  tape  out. we  had a massive  bbs   system that  ran on the 2000 also  you  could  configure  100  separate  bbs boards  with their own owners  and    set ups  amazing  at the time. plus  an online  chat  system  with  many levels  of  powers and super powers on it. there  was also  a powerful email system  a  voting and polling  system and  more..    this  also  went  over to the  hp 3000 and we  enhanced  it     even  further   ok  I  will  quit  rambling ... If  we  ever   get  a  way  to  read  tapes    for  the  2000 and  3000  i will be able  to get these  back on line  as  well as  extract  the OMSI FORTRAN if  you are  not  going to keep the manual we  would  love it   for the SMECC museum's  HP  section in our  Museum Project  here in AZ. i can be  reached at couryhouse at aol.com    
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Like many, I used an HP 2000 TSB system in high school to first learn about programming. Wanting to learn more than just BASIC, I soon discovered there was a program on the system that let you write and run FORTRAN programs. All these years later I can't remember anything more than that and haven't seen anything more on it since then until recently. While clearing out my storage space I came across an old binder with a photocopy of a manual. Looking though it I soon realized it was from my high school computer class and described the system for running FORTRAN. So now I have a name at least and a copy of a manual, but haven't yet found anything more and hope that someone here might be able to shine some light and supply more about it. The manual says it was known as OSMI 2000 FORTRAN and was a "series of programs written in the BASIC language which run short FORTRAN programs" on an HP 2000 BASIC system. Anyone heard of this before? Thanks. David Williamswww.trailingedge.com

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