Apple cube cleaning

Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Nov 18 10:59:14 CST 2021

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 03:34:19PM +0100, jacob--- via cctalk wrote:
> I got a Apple cube here as part of a larger haul, at some point someone
> placed a bit of tape on the clear polycarbonate case, the tape is long
> gone but the yellow glue remains.

> Am unsure about the hardness of it, if I could use sugar cubes to rub it
> off, anyone knows a scratch free way to get it off ?

I assume you've already attempted to throw the usual household stuff at it
as if it was a phone or TV. If not, dig out the glass cleaner and microfibre
cloths and get onto that.

In addition to the plausible suggestion elsethread of WD-40, I'd also give
it a gentle waft of a hairdryer (or heat gun set suitably-low) to try and
melt the glue without melting the plastic, and then it may be more amenable
to wiping-off.

Brasso, T-Cut, or similar come in useful if you manage to scratch it anyway.
Test your technique on some matching scrap plastic first before moving on to
the case. You say "polycarbonate" but Wikipedia says "acrylic", and these
have quite different mechanical properties so you should verify which
plastic the case is actually made from. Maybe the resin code will tell you,
but I suspect it'll just say 7 (other).

If all else fails, style it out by sticking your own label over it :)

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