Intel 4004 turns 50

dwight dkelvey at
Wed Nov 17 21:00:27 CST 2021

The rarest 4004s are the grey trace with a black dot, instead of the gold dot for pin one.
I have two grey trace but with gold dot. I believe these are older than the grey trace with black dot.
Although, as originally sold, the 4004 was a Harvard architecture,  it could be made to be, easily, made to be a von Neumann machine with either a 4008/4009 set or a 4289.
I don't know if that was ever done, other than for the Mod 4 development machine.
The 4004 had no interrupt but the later 4040 did.

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On Tue, 16 Nov 2021, ED SHARPE wrote:
> The two contenders on tside leading g to the gold caphis question are
> white and Gold 4004. And. The white  and gold with leads showing through
> in the white material i

And now in English, please!


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