IEEE-488 on the PDP-11

Sytse van Slooten cclist at
Wed Nov 17 07:00:11 CST 2021


Did you think of running MINC basic? That would almost certainly work, even if you don't have any other MINC cards in your machine.

Most elegant of course if you'd run the complete floppy image (to be found on Bitsavers), but I'd bet it will also just work if you extract the q4szmx.sav from those images and run that on just about any working rt-11. 

Can't really test it out though - the IEEE488 stuff is not (yet) in my FPGA implementation of the MINC - it doesn't look to be difficult at all, but I don't have any IEEE488 capable instruments to connect to :-/

There's a nice manual on IEEE488 in the MINC set too, find it here: <>


> On 16 Nov 2021, at 17:01, Douglas Taylor via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> In my pile of DEC computer stuff I have a DEC qbus IBV11 IEEE-488 controller board (M7954) with cable (BN11-A) that connects to the GPIB bus.
> It would be interesting to try this out, but I don't have the DEC 'Instrument Bus Subroutines' that work under RT-11.  Does anyone have this package?  Or know where it can be found?
> Doug

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