For Sale, Seattle area: Data General MV/7800 + drives, docs

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Mon Nov 8 21:12:16 CST 2021

Hi all --

I'm doing a bit of cleanup to free up some space and I'd like to try to
find a new home for my MV/7800.  It's a really cool system that I just
haven't had time to spend a lot of time with, and unfortunately it seems
unlikely I will anytime soon.

The power supply in the CPU has been repaired.  There are two large 5236
drives (I believe they have 14" platters, and they weigh about 150lbs
apiece) as well, unfortunately I do not have the cabling for them but I
don't think it'll be too hard to recreate it.  The system appears to be
complete with CPU, memory, and disk/tape controllers but apart from getting
the power supply going I haven't done anything else to restore it.

If anyone's interested, drop me a line.  I'd much prefer local pickup but I
could be convinced to put this stuff on a pallet if you want to arrange


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