Overclocked TI Silent 703 at 1200 bauds?

amp1ron at gmail.com amp1ron at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 17:06:23 CDT 2021

> On that subject, can anyone recommend a source for the thermal paper used in the Silent?

I just use thermal fax paper that comes in rolls that are 8.5" wide and (usually) 98' long.  100' or shorter rolls fit fine inside the Silent 700 terminals.  That paper is still being made and is widely available from lots of places like Amazon and Staples.  I usually buy opened boxes off of eBay where the box is cheap and only 5 out of 6 roll are left in the original box.  But definitely first check Amazon and local office supply stores to make sure you don't pay more for a shipped partial box from eBay than you would for a full box at retail prices.

-- Ron

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