8" disk drive questions...

mike m.zahorik at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 1 10:24:27 CDT 2021

I use a few Shugart 8" single sided drives on my cp/m 2.2 machine. How do
you make 'flippies'?

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> "Computers that used the floppy index hole also required two additional
> openings in the floppy case to allow the drive to access when the disk was
> upside down. However, it was a difficult and risky operation for the
> integrity of the support. To facilitate this intervention, there were
> masks" which allowed to accurately trace the position where the hole was
> be made. These tools included the "Berkeley Microcomputer Flip-Jig" which
> was available for both 8 "and 5" 1/4 discs."

Interesting.   When I was using 8" disks early on, the only ones
available were single-sided.   However, several manufacturers produced
"flippies' with labels on both sides.   I still have several such
examples in my stash.

You'd think that a simple cardboard template would serve to allow users
to mark additional hole locations, however.


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