8" disk drive questions...

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Mon Nov 1 00:07:07 CDT 2021

> > I guess this is not the deluxe model?
> >
> https://www.computerhistory.it/images/stories/storia/supporti/8inch_pun
> cher.
> > jpg
> Well, that one is not the "Berkeley Microcomputer Flip-Jig"
> Mine was just a simple plexi pocket with holes for MARKING the disk.
> Then, the holes were punched with an ordinary handheld hole punch
> I included a stationery store one with a clear blue plastic cover of
> the
> lower jaw, to avoid scratching the disk and to catch the chad.
> (similar to https://www.ebay.com/itm/164142456915 )

Interesting. The article, which is in Italian, seemed to indicate this was
the "Berkeley Microcomputer Flip-Jig". However, I guess the picture had
nothing to do with the text:

"Computers that used the floppy index hole also required two additional
openings in the floppy case to allow the drive to access when the disk was
upside down. However, it was a difficult and risky operation for the
integrity of the support. To facilitate this intervention, there were "guide
masks" which allowed to accurately trace the position where the hole was to
be made. These tools included the "Berkeley Microcomputer Flip-Jig" which
was available for both 8 "and 5" 1/4 discs."


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