Systems Concepts SC-4 computer

Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Thu Feb 18 00:07:24 CST 2021

> I heard back from Fred Wright:
>  "Although I wasn't at SC in 1972, I'm pretty sure I would have heard of
>   the SC-4 if it had ever existed.  The document you linked was just a
>   proposal, and I imagine that that's as far as it ever got.  AFAIK, SC
>   didn't create any full-fledged computers between the SC-15 (1970) and
>   the SC-30 (1983)."

Following up about the SC-15:

 "It was a clone of the PDP-15, designed for Information International.
  The prototype was our main in-house machine for many years.  III's
  main product at the time was the FR-80 microfilm recording machine,
  initially using PDP-9s and later PDP-15s.  Our design let them build
  their own machines for substantially less than what PDP-15s cost from
  DEC.  We provided designs and prototypes for everything up to the PLS
  (the Programmable Light Source, a small *very* high-resolution CRT)
  and camera.

  I think SC built one SC-15 as part of a system for the Nevada Test
  Site (while I wasn't here), but most of them were built by III."

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