PDP-11/70 progress (and a cry for help)

Fritz Mueller fritzm at fritzm.org
Mon Feb 15 22:01:27 CST 2021

Hi Josh,

In the situation you describe, I guess I would first chip clip '174s for a slice of both PCA and PBC on the LA, run the troublesome instruction sequence, and look at the trace.  Check that CLKPCA H and CLKPCB H are happening when and only when expected, and that all the timing there looks okay.

You would also be able to see good-data-clocked-in-but-bad-data-presented on that trace, indicating more failed '174, or see any bad data arriving from the ALU upstream.

I'll take a look through the flows after dinner.  The "0002" might be one operand used to increment the PC, but the other operand shows up as all zeros because of a bad ALU setup?  I guess I'd trace to definitively rule out PCA and PCB first, and then move backward around the chain from there verifying the ALU, ALU muxs, mux sources, etc.?


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