WTB: HP 9000-340 memory (HP 98268A), AUI (HP 98235A), SCSI (HP 98658A)

Chris Hanson cmhanson at eschatologist.net
Mon Feb 15 21:07:30 CST 2021

I've acquired an HP 9000-340C+ and I'd like to kit it out with the maximum RAM, SCSI, and AUI rather than thin Ethernet. Desired:

- RAM boards: HP 98268A RAM board (three of them to get to 16MB, I'd probably buy extra just to be safe)
- AUI LAN board: 98571-66534, aka HP 98235A AUI LAN Upgrade
- SCSI board: HP 98658A SCSI Interface Card

Anyone have any of this stuff that they might be interested in parting with?

I'm also always on the lookout for an HP 98556A 2D/integer graphics accelerator in case anyone happens to have one that needs a home. That's the integer accelerator with a 68020 and some RAM, which piggybacks atop the 98550A (1280x1024 8-bit color card) via its extra Eurocard connector.

  -- Chris

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