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On 2/13/21 9:15 AM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:
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>>> But, I'm sad because no one either has one nor can help me test this
>>> one.  So, I cannot enjoy the thrill of making it say inappropriate 
>>> stuff :-(
>> I have several vintage speech ICs, but not that one.
> I do as well.  I have the Radio Shack "Voice Synthesizer IC Set"
> sitting on the desk in front of me right now.
> bill

BG Micro sold a board called I believe the CompuTalker, with the 
SP0256A-AL2 and CTS256AL2/P pair, like the ICs Radio Shack sold. I have 
one of these boards sitting in front of me that I recently mounted in a 
nice case with power supply. Mine had some leaky electrolytic caps, but 
fortunately the damage was minimal and easily fixed.

I found reference to it in this posting here:

I've temporarily (please  save these if you want them) copied what I 
could find in terms of documentation and schematics for these ICs here:

Photos of mine are included.


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