DEC RK11-C Disk Controller - on ebay...or is it?

Chris Zach cz at
Mon Feb 8 20:14:05 CST 2021

Interesting. It looks to have about half of the modules my old RK8 
controller had, I wonder how they managed to shrink it down for a pdp11. 
Was the data-break interface for the 8 that complicated?


On 2/8/2021 6:16 PM, Ethan Dicks via cctalk wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 5:53 PM Bill Degnan via cctalk
> <cctalk at> wrote:
>> If you search ebay for "DEC RK11-C Disk Controller", you'll find a listing
>> of a backplane of flipchip cards, but it's not like any RK11-C I have ever
>> seen.  Am I right, this is a mis-labeled auction?
> It seems to match fairly well with the module layout for the standard
> (non-double-buffered) RK11-C at
> (slot 1 on the right)
> I can't recall mine to a high amount of detail, but that looks about right.
> The ribbon cables are a bit out of place... perhaps they were just
> stuffed into empty slots to keep them from being damaged.
> -ethan

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