cctalk Digest, Vol 77, Issue 3

emanuel stiebler emu at
Wed Feb 3 14:52:42 CST 2021

On 2021-02-03 15:29, Adam Thornton via cctalk wrote:
> As long as we’re talking about divesting: if anyone has a VaxStation that they’d sell me for substantially less than eBay prices, I’d be interested.  I have a 3100M38, but it doesn’t POST; indeed, a replacement mainboard would be a place I could start.  (I did try burning new ROMs and replacing them, but that wasn’t the problem).  I’d even consider swapping an 11/730 in unknown condition (this is from the Kaur collection) for a working VaxStation, on two conditions: you have to pick it up, and you have to take an RM80 drive with it and dump it far enough away from my house that no one thinks it was me what done it.

Where are you?

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