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>> I haven't used RPi at all, since when I looked at it some years ago the SOC technical information was secret. Contrast the BeagleBone, for which there is a 5000 page manual.
> The Pico is quite different. They use their own chip for the Pico, the RP2040. There is a 637 page manual

Nice to know.  Thanks!

> Unlike the other Rpi this is more like the STM32 chips where you develop C/C++  or Python to run directly on the bare metal. No Linux involved.

That makes it like Arduino.  Time for some more studying...

> The early Rpi used Broadcom chips. And like most Broadcom stuff you almost needed signing a NDA to get a glance of the pinout of the chip. 

Exactly.  Broadcom had all sorts of strange notions.  The BBB uses a TI chip, which was always fully documented.


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