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Tue Feb 2 00:57:01 CST 2021

On 2/1/2021 10:02 PM, Tom Hunter via cctalk wrote:
> It works well for me even with the copy protected disks ImageDisk can't
> copy with.
The biggest problem imaging programs had trouble with was how to 
duplicate whatever errors were on the disk (as in abnormal patterns) 
when making a copy.

I had the best luck with nearly everything with a package called 
copywright (I think).  Big claim to fame was preserving the bit count on 
the track and spacing when writing.

Simple software rarely bothered to do that.  They could stretch the 
image to fit each track.

Unless the copy "protector" looked at a way to fit to a generic disk 
with little variability in the manufacturing, the copy schemes didn't 
have a lot of other tricks once many of the weird crap was tried and 

I work for a company which sold a database program which actually was 
defeated by that after they fooled a lot of other programs.

good to hear that Greasweazle works for that.  I have one from Keir 
Fraser who does a good job of supporting it.

Also FWIW, Facebook sucks etc. blah blah, but you can make a fairly low 
information account and join.  FB works happily with adblock plus, and 
anti tracking for cookies turned up high, and I have a lot of utility 
machines, one can be rigged to allow FB use w/o any of the pain.  At 
this writing there are 1192 members there.

Of course all the questions that any media backup, archival, copy, etc. 
are generating is there, but there is no embargo on the information.  
The group is private mainly to keep out the rif raf who spam.

I have several groups I manage and do the same.  Better to block the 
membership being ad hoc than having to watch it if you want to keep it 
spam and bullshit free.


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