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Mon Feb 1 19:07:51 CST 2021

On 02/02/2021 00:13, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> There's also a similar implementation using a very inexpensive Cypress
> PSOC 6 ARM card that mounts on a 3.5" floppy connector (no cable).

That would presumably be the FluxEngine 

I have the PSOC and I've loaded up the firmware. Now I just need to wire 
some parts together (PSU+floppy) and I can give it a quick whirl.

> It's what I've been saying for years--just about any moderately capable
> modern MCU can do the job.  After all the Gotek emulator uses a nearly
> obsolescent STM32F107 or 105 MCU.  The "blue pill" STM32F103 is quite a
> bit more capable.
> Glad people finally tumbled to this.

Indeed. The important part is that someone's written some firmware. Oh, 
and it's cheap too, of course.


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