Tektronix PDP-11 Signal Processing System BASIC 1980

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at summitclinic.com
Fri Sep 25 18:30:39 CDT 2020

This may be unrelated, but seems that a Tektronix disk controller 
board I found when going through my shop might be related to the 
graphics terminal.  Hadn't found Tektronix section on bitsavers prior 
to this post and drew a blank searching internet.

Manufacturing dates on chips are 1980 and it's a Disk Controller 
J6928-01.  It has 8 EPROM's which have labels that range from 
160-0956 to 160-0963 where it appears that last 2 digits indicate bit 
position stored in the EPROM.  Has NEC D765C chip which is a floppy 
disk controller and suspect that I knew this 35 years ago as was in 
proximity to an 8" floppy drive that bought.  Have no idea what piece 
of Tektronix equipment it came from but it's available to a good home 
if anyone in need of it.

Hadn't looked at old Tektronix test equipment for decades and 
remember seeing a lot of it in labs but generally beyond our research 
budget althought it was very well made and worked for decades.

>Just recovered these RX01 diskettes today ca. 1980

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