What's the secret to LK201 leaf springs?

Marvin Johnston marvin at west.net
Sun Sep 13 12:15:20 CDT 2020

One thing I've tried and seems to work quite well (on another 
application) is UV curable plastic. The last thing I fixed was when the 
post holding one side of the exit paper tray broke off, and I used the 
UV curable plastic to fix it (still working just fine.) The trade name 
is Bondic, and I ran across it on a YouTube ad (first time EVER I bought 
something from an unknown YouTube ad!) This apparently is the same type 
of UV curable "glue" used by Dentists. It cures in about 4 seconds!

> My guess is that the formed over part has broken off (you might find
> some little white disks of plastic, about 1/8" diameter, rattling
> about inside the case). Alas I have never found a way to re-fix them.
> There's not enough plastic in the housing to drill it out and fit
> screws/nuts. There is no way of gluing something to the ends of the
> posts that would be strong enough,
> -tony

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