Strange magtape anecdote

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> > Hi all,
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> > Back in the early 70's I was an operator on an IBM 360/40 with 4
> > tapedrives. Nobody could understand that sometimes a tape transfer
> > would stop saying "end of tape", mainly around 3 PM,
> It was also well-known that you should not allow flash pictures to be taken in
> the machine room, as ALL the tape drives would unload simultaneously when
> the flash went off.
> Jon

I remember when doing standby power generator tests we had to remember to off-line all the drives at end of job, other wise they all tried to rewind at the same time....
.. and the generator could comfortably do two, stuttered a bit with three, but on the first test as the fourth flicked in there was a big "bang" and lots of flapping of tape, plus lots of cursing from our Site Engineer.,,,,


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