The weird stuff I keep finding: 19 bit core memory?

Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Wed Oct 21 05:54:51 CDT 2020

Doug Jackson wrote:
> Those of us late to the party may like to know:
> 1.  What was AL
> 2. Why was it famous?

Not AL, but AI.  Also known as MIT-AI on the ARPANET.  It was the PDP-10
used by the MIT AI lab, hence the name.  The Incompatible Timesharing
System was developed on their PDP-6, later moved to the PDP-10.  There
were three more ITS machines in the 70s: MIT-DMS/Dynamic Modeling,
MIT-ML/Mathlab, and MIT-MC/Macsyma Consortium.

If ITS doesn't ring a bell, maybe some of its applications/tools might:
Maclisp, Scheme, Logo, CLU, DDT/HACTRN, SHRLDU, MacHack VI, Macsyma,
Maze(war), Emacs, Zork.

> 3. Tell us more about Doug, and his apartment :-)

I'll leave it to others to talk about Digex.

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