Vintage Transputer Collection in Tucson

Peter Schow pschow at
Tue Oct 20 14:52:35 CDT 2020

US $16K, located in Tucson, AZ, USA.

>From listing:
Unmatched collection of vintage Transputer based systems includes

2 (TWO) Parsytec X-plorer 16-node "desktop supercomputer" systems
   Tested working, both units can be linked together (cable included)
for a 32 node system, tested with Helios

2 x PC (ISA) interface card (IBM meganode) includes on-board transputer

1 x BBK-PCI interface card with dual Parsytec style connectors + super
rare cable

Parsytec P-CUBE system with 8 nodes
    So rare that no (other :-) ) images of this unit can even be found
on the internet

2 (TWO) Parsys Supernode SN1000 units (original cost ~$500000)
    Includes a total of 128 transputer nodes, and a scsi disk based
operating system
    Tested working with an included Sun workstation with VME
Transputer interface board
    With original invoices, user manuals, installation DAT tape  ++++

14 (Fourteen) Parsytec dual cpu (power PPC + Transputer) Eurocard boards

6 (Six) CSA Quad transputer boards (PART.1) + 7-slot EISA board and
ATX power adaptor
(these boards only need the power pins on the ISA connectors to function)
Set of "red box" Inmos toolkits/compilers

Misc Transputer conference proceedings

Spare 4 slot Eurocard backplane and power supply with Transputer link
connectors installed

Copies of all the major Transputer operating systems (Helios, Idris,
TDS, Parix, Taos, Virtuoso, Strand, Paros etc)

This is a very large lot so shipping will be expensive, pay no
attention to the ebay estimate
contact us for a realistic quote

Will consider delivering "at cost" (van hire  + fuel + 2 overnight
motel stops) to the Southwest
states (CA, AZ, NM, UT, CO) if pre-paid by cashiers cheque.

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