Well Heeled "Rescue"

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Tue Oct 20 01:13:36 CDT 2020

> I think that Chris' point is that the ORIGINAL total gross amount for
> the
> purchase was $699.30 (including the tax)  Therefore, it might be a deal
> breaker whether you also reimburse what he had paid in sales tax.
> However, this is not the original owner.  He got it USED.  He probably
> didn't pay the sales tax, AND, being a used computer, he probably paid
> less than retail.
> He got it in Montreal.  Was 5% the sales tax rate in Montreal at the
> time?

That was my rational as well. He actually got it for "free" (well as a
trade-in for an Apple II for which he charged handsomely I suppose). Also as
a retailer he was exempt from sales tax until he resold it. Hence sales tax
should not be an issue here at all. 

> Also, in your offers, did you include the $1 that he is demanding for
> shipping?  (Although he states that he will not ship it)

He is willing to deliver it and even bring Corey Cohen (maybe a name known
to Apple guys? I am not familiar with him) if you pay travel cost. I am
wondering what is the cost of travel via mule for two male adults these
days? He would of course have to send the system next day air priority as I
would not want to get any mule hair on the fine wooden case.

> Keep in mind that it is out of warranty.
Yes, but eBay is willing to sell me a "square trade" warranty. So I should
be all set.

> It is no longer supported.
See above

> It is slow, without much memory.
It isn't that bad. 640K is more than enough for anyone. This thing can be
expanded to 48K so about 1/13 of that so I should be okay.

> It doesn't meet current FCC specs (unshielded wood case)
Does this even matter anymore? Used to be you had to worry about
interference with your TVs but I run a Class A LJ 5500 printer at home and
haven't seen any issues yet...

> The software hasn't been updated in a long time.
> None of the current retail software will run on it.
> He probably doesn't even have an anti-virus program on it.
> It is even starting to be difficult to get diskettes for it.
> (which isn't too serious, because it has no drives!)
As you point out it doesn't come with any drives so none of the above really
factor in the "offer" decision.

> It requires an analog composite monitor.
A "Sony TV-115, as recommended by Steve Jobs" comes with the system

> Is the IEC power receptacle original equipment?
Yes and has been recently reinforced with more glue per the description

> The documentation is "digital copies", instead of the original books.
That is a deal killer for me. Next you are going to tell me it doesn't even
come with the original box and retail packaging!

> And, he is trying to get MORE THAN RETAIL for it!
Well you can't blame a fellow for trying.... :D


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