R: Basf 6104 Assy 81118 jumper named Bx

Enrico email.it enrico.lazzerini at email.it
Sun Oct 18 16:20:18 CDT 2020

Thanks but that manual you sent is  of 81098 assy (with JJx jumpers) and I'm
looking for 81118 assy (with Bx jumpers).


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I sent you the manual, hopefully it will help.


Enrico email.it via cctalk wrote:
> Hi at all,
> I was looking for the BASF 6104 drive manual.
> on internet I find the one related to ASSY 81098 (where the jumpers have
> name JJx)
> r%20JJx.jpg?dl=0
> while instead I am looking for the one related to ASSY 81118 (in which the
> jumpers have the name Bx)
> r%20Bx.jpg?dl=0
> Can someone help me?
> Thanks
> Enrico - Pisa- ITaly

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