AOL CD and other old PC software...

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Oct 15 13:06:16 CDT 2020

> First, I have what I believe is a pretty early AOL CD and I understand that
> it may be collectable.  It includes the original silver, blue and red
> cardboard
"The Big Pat Boom" by Damon Knight

Yes, anything COULD be collectible.

For a while, AOHell was the cheap source for diskettes, . . .
But, what, other than rarity, can you use an AOHell CD for?
I made a pizza cutter out of one to present as an award to one of our 
instructors, but, it didn't really work very well.

For a while, AOHell used big flat tins for mailing; one of those worked 
well for holding dog treats, and could potentially be useful for many 
other things, such as stamps, mailing 4x5 negatives, . . .

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