Firing up the pdt11

Chris Zach cz at
Tue Oct 13 22:07:13 CDT 2020

> RX01 format is a standard IBM format used by many systems, including 
> many CP/M ones, so it was possible to buy pre-formatted disks.  Maybe 
> they came that way.

That may be it: The Elephant disk does say on the factory label: Single 
sided, single density, IBM compatible, 128 bytes, 26 sectors. So 
something like that will INIT on an RX01? Maybe that was it, if so weird 
mystery solved.

The other disks from Solarex are not looking good. Some of them have 
paper copies of directories, and they seemed to be using the FD: driver. 
Now I believe Solarex was running TSX on their systems, is FD: just 
TSX's way of saying DY? If not anyone need a bunch of 8 inch floppy disks?

Thanks for the help on this one. If the PDT really can't do formatting 
then maybe I'll just stick it back in the closet for another 20-30 
years. It's an odd duck, but a cute odd duck....


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