cctalk Digest, Vol 73, Issue 11

mark at mark at
Tue Oct 13 03:01:04 CDT 2020

>>> I suspect much of the electronics is fine. It would be good for someone 
>>> wanting backup cards.
>> You must be joking. Those cards are done. Any chip that is still
>> operational will likely fail upon or shortly after power is applied.
> Most components can stand soldering temperatures. It is clear
> that it was only hot enough to melt plastics. That isn't even hot
> enough to damage boards.

I have physically seen the equipment in question, in the warehouse.  A few 
of the cards in the cage may still be salvageable - maybe, with some very 
powerful juju.  But much of the hardware is damaged *far* beyond any hope of 
recovery.  As Jim says, the
Mark Moulding

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