Firing up the pdt11

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at
Mon Oct 12 04:30:27 CDT 2020

See below.

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Onderwerp: Re: Firing up the pdt11

Well, by "location" I mean there are plugs on the controller board for
PD0 (typically called the "top" drive) and PD1 (typically the "bottom"
drive). My test swapped the cables so the top drive was using the PD1:
logic on the board and the "bottom" was using the PD0 logic. In that
situation the PD1: channel with the top drive worked so the problem is
not in the logic board.

When you swap the cables (and keep the drives in place), do you mean
that you swapped the data connection *and* the power supply cable(s)?


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