IBM 1130 simulator

Van Snyder van.snyder at
Wed Oct 7 17:33:00 CDT 2020

On Wed, 2020-10-07 at 15:39 +1000, Steve Malikoff via cctalk wrote:
> Van said
> > In about 1974, for my senior undergraduate project, I wrote
> > microcodeto convince a Varian V70 that it was actually an IBM 1130.
> > Being substantially more modern hardware, it was much faster than
> > areal 1130.
> > If anybody wants microcode and flow diagrams, and listings for the
> > I/Osimulation (which ran in 620/f mode), I'm happy to send them.
> > Van Snydervan.snyder at
> It sounds interesting, if somewhat esoteric. Why not put it on
> Github?There it can be preserved (we hope), searched, perused, and by
> the curious, downloaded :)
> Steve

I've never had any success with github, probably for lack of not really
needing it.

I've put my V70 materials, including 1130 emulator, on

The next level up,, has my 1401
materials, and several others, not very well organized.

Feel free to copy anything to github.

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