Books I no longer need

Van Snyder van.snyder at
Tue Oct 6 15:24:23 CDT 2020

I have some books I no longer need. Is this a good place to offer them?

WordPerfect Wiorkbook for IBM Personal Computers
Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 User's Guide and Reference
Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 Getting Started
WordPerfect Version 6.0 DOS Reference (along with a CD)
WordPerfect Add-Ons Catalog
WordPerfect Software Product Catalog
WordPerfect Version 6.0 DOS Getting Started for the New User
WordPerfect Shell Version 4.0 DOS User's Guide
WordPerfect Version 6.0 DOS Learning WordPerfect
WordPerfect for UNIX 7 Installation and Administration Guide
WordPerfect for UNIX 7 User Guide
WordPerfect for UNIX 7 Clipart Guide

Van Snyder
van.snyder at

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