DOS Versions (Was: IBM PC-DOS 2.10 explorations

Ali cctalk at
Mon Oct 5 15:04:51 CDT 2020

> We need to differentiate between Retail Sales BY MICROSOFT, V
> manufacture
> and WHOLESALE sales by Microsoft to OEMs for them to retail.  With a
> variety of different packagings, ranging from personalized to the OEM
> (Compaq, Zenith, Morrow, etc.), very generic, and even packaging that
> would not be out of place for a Microsoft retail sale.


That is an interesting issue that you bring up. This is a picture of the
"retail box" I am speaking about:

While I admit it could have been an OEM release the box art and packaging
would make it seem a bit over the top. I have to double check if it also
includes the easel acrylic box like earlier MS products or not.

> But, if you have reason to believe that your copies came directly from
> Microsoft, not through an OEM, OR came through a retail store that had
> no affiliation with an OEM, then I need to revise my perception of when
> Microsoft started to retail DOS.  Has anybody ever seen a retail price
> list or RETAIL SALES (V product) ad?  (write/call to purchase)
> YES, I can be TOTALLY WRONG.   I felt the elephant's tail and smelled
> the
> region, but did not have the big picture.

Unfortunately, even my NOS items are second hand, for the most part, so
providence is something I cannot guarantee. I have seen other packaging from
OEMs for the same dos (e.g. TI) and it is definitely much more generic then
this. It is just a pair of red binders with slip cases.


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