Anyone want to part with a DEC MXV11-B (M7195) and/or M8012 (BDV11)?

Chris Zach cz at
Sat Oct 3 23:00:00 CDT 2020

I most probably have a BDV11 bootstrap module I can part with. Might 
have an older MXV11 as well, could the 18 bit one do this (I think it 
did, and I'm guessing you have a pdp11/03 with a quad width CPU)


On 10/3/2020 9:19 PM, Chris Hanson via cctalk wrote:
> My little LSI-11 system doesn't have a usable Line-Time Clock because it lacks the register, which it expects to be in either an MXV11-B (M7195) or a BDV11 (M8012). My power supply theoretically supplies the LTC but I haven't confirmed that, so my preference would be an M7195 if possible.
> Does anyone have one they'd be interested in parting with? I'm fine with shipping internationally and with paying a reasonable price, and I promise to take good care of it and pass it on to another good home if I should ever part with it. (Friends don't let friends recycle rare electronics.)
> Alternately, is there a "modern" Q-bus board that provides things like LTC (both the clock and the register), SLU, memory, etc.?
>    -- Chris

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