Zuse Z4 - Oldest Surviving Computer in the World - Lost in the archives

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> On 01.10.20 23:38, Eric Smith via cctalk wrote:It is going to need a lot of
> contact cleaning.
> >> The one thing I like is the carry design the Zuse used. Really fast
> >> for relays but not of much use for solid state.
> >>
> > Where is that circuit described?
> The circuit is described in Konrad Zuses life memories. There is an english
> translation available from the Springer publishing house.
> Zuse used it's own logic symbols, which he named "abstrakte
> Schaltgliedlogik", "abstract gating logic", because this logic could be applied to
> both, the full mecanical Z1 and the later relais machines.
> I found this carry logic built with transistors in a book from the early 1960.
> The author named it: killburn adder. It uses a chain of single transistors.

That would be Tom Kilburn from Manchester who worked on many computers there.

> You can find a demonstration of the Zuse-adder on:
> http://computermuseum.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/virtuell/z1_adder.mp4
> (sorry, it's in german only :-( )
> Klemens


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