UniBone: Linux-to-DEC-UNIBUS-bridge, year #1

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Tue Jan 28 16:00:34 CST 2020


>> I'll add that I started working on RH11 emulation on the Unibone last week,
>> i'm making steady progress (as of yesterday it's able to boot the 2.11BSD
>> kernel before falling over).  16-bit only at the moment, 18-bit will
>> require some infrastructure work but I'll leave that to Joerg :).
> I just ordered a UniBone from Joerg, and my KS10 seems to work ok to the
> extent that I can test it.
> Is your code available somewhere? You will probably run circles around
> me while I get up to speed on what is what, but I would still like to
> set up a development environment.

The repository is

UniBone is its own development platform.
The first thing you'd do after unpacking is to run script
which updates all sources and starts a big recompile.

There's also a ./compile.sh for selective build.

Personally I prefer cross-compiling from a X64 Linux Kubuntu under 
Eclipse. There the compile is 30 seconds instead of 4 minutes, I have a 
rich programming environment and can remote-cross-debug UniBone code via 
networked gdb/gdbserver setup.

Btw, UniBone needs about 2 amps of 5V power over the screw terminals, if 
not run in a PDP-11 (or 10!). Do not try USB power.

For controlling the 18bit DATA path inside the software, I think best is 
a global
	#define DATAWIDTH18 (or similar)
to indicate the special KS10 compile. We don't need to switch 
dynamically between 16 and 18 data bits, a special binary is all we 
need, right?

kind regards,

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